About us: 

We are French Bulldog breeders located in North Carolina. Our dogs are our number one passion. Our Frenchies are FCI & AKC registered, health and DNA tested. All our Frenchies are kept inside the comfort of our home and treated like family. We devote our unconditional love, care and labor to our litters whelped inside our home, to assure that you will have a family member that will bring you happiness and many memories to cherish.

Here at Tailor Made Frenchies we work in collaboration with quality breeders, with the same standards and excellence we take pride in. Breeding quality Frenchies is what we strive for, most importantly we breed the French Bulldogs responsibly to maintain good genetics, health, structure, development and at the same time, to keep purpose and qualities like, color for a particular individual's lifestyle and taste. As our moto and headline state: 

" Frenchies Bred and tailored to measure your lifestyle and taste"

Our puppies are our pride and joy, they are family and treated as such. We have many respected breeders that have become mentors through our love and passion of breeding quality pups. We have educated ourselves in using the Puppy Culture method for ENS ( Early Neurological Stimulation) as early as 3 days old. Our puppies get lots of socialization, attention, cuddles and unconditional love. A Tailor Made Frenchie will be well socialized with pets and children. We do start potty training as early as pups start weaning using pee pads and on synthetic grass mats until they are old enough to start going outdoors. This has been a very successful method of potty training . Puppies do not leave our home before 8-10 wks of age. We make sure they are fully able to be without their mama and that all age appropriate vaccines and health vet checks are done. 

This is our devotion to our program. We care about the health, safety and quality of our pups. 

The beginning of our pups lifestyle....

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